It’s a Bird It’s a Plane It’s the Commons Schedule

One of the most exciting features of Book Riot Live 2016 is brought to you by … you! The Commons is an attendee-curated meet-up area, and all we did was tell you what time things are happening there. Well, all we’re going to do. Because we’re doing it. Right now.


10:30 AM: Mad Library Scientists
What Dewey want? A librarian and aspiring librarian meet-up! When Dewey want it? Saturday at 10:30!
Convener: Danielle Lacey @Dani_Lacey

11:30 AM: Scrumptious Prose
Cookbook collector? Love food writing? Share your favorites and find out what other books, recipes, and cuisines you’ll want to eat up next!
Convener: Sara Quiroz of Snacks in the Stacks

1:30 PM: Alexander Panelton: A Hamil-Fan Meet-Up
BRL is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world.
Convener: Katie Macbride

3:30 PM: NaNoWriMo MeUp
National Novel Writing Month is almost halfway over! Let’s share how our November’s have been so far and get pumped to finish the month out strong.
Convener: Ashlie Swicker



11:30 AM: Awesome Audiobooks
Listen up: audiobook aficionados are getting together, and we hear it’s going to be a good time!
Convener: Rachel Manwill @RachelManwill

1:30 PM: Litsy Bookswap
Come meet all your fellow littens, chat with Kate and Liberty, and bring a book to swap!
Convener: Liberty Hardy

2:30 PM: Knit Me Baby One More Line
Unwind with fellow fiber artists! Work on your current project while discussing your favorite crafting reads.
Convener: Karin Nangreave @8little_paws


Any open times are there for you to have your own impromptu meet ups away from the distracting quiet of the Reading Lounge. Just scrawl your claim on the huge drawing pad outside the Commons. See you there (SO SOON)!