Book Riot Live 2016 Recap: Part 2

Despite the timing, we could not have had more fun at Book Riot Live; thank you so much to everyone who came out and helped make it a safe, enthusiastic, and welcoming place to be! Check out Part 1 of our recap series here.

“Overall, Book Riot Live was one of the most enjoyable conventions I’ve ever been to, with just the right mix of stuff to buy, panels to watch, authors to meet, and opportunities for just hanging around with your fellow con-goers. I can’t wait to go again next year, and in the mean time to start reading my new books and getting involved in all the new book communities I learned about at the con.” Thank you for this lovely review, Julia!

Whitney learned five things at Book Riot Live, and one of them was: “Bookish people are some of the most empathetic and compassionate people ever.”

The amazing Meg Medina posted pictures from her adventures at Book Riot Live, and you should definitely go check them out.

Ian Cann captured the spirit of the event when he wrote “There was there spirit of warmth, friendliness and community that has made BookRiot one of my online homes.”

The Unreliable Narrators attended AND recapped Book Riot Live on their podcast.

The fine folks from were in attendance, and wrote up the Hello From Another Side and Truth, Lies, and Adaptations panels!