Our Speakers Want You To Read These Books

In our Book Riot Live Interview (full interviews going up here, check back regularly!) we asked our speakers: What book do you wish more people had read? Here are their answers.

Jeph JacquesThe Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer

Joni Rodgers: Strunk & White’s Elements of Style

Meg Medina: Just more diverse authors in general.

Rumaan Alam: Mary McCarthy, The Group

Ayize Jama-Everett: Mine! That’s why I write the books.

Diane McMartinPandora’s Handbag – a collection of writing by Elizabeth Young. Such an interesting woman!

Nisi Shawl: Oh, I could name you a whole store full of those. Even the bestsellers I love didn’t achieve full market saturation. Maybe Mama Day, by Gloria Naylor, since it meant so much to me personally. Or Samuel R. Delany’s Empire Star; most people start out with Dhalgren, a much more difficult book. These titles are still in print! There’s still time, people!

Jade ChangWaylaid by Ed Lin

Charlie Jane AndersSkating on the Edge by d.g.k. goldberg

Alyssa ColeIn Her Closet, by Tasha L. Harrison