Who’s Who at Book Riot Live: Round Six

Our newest speakers are hella woke.

Chris Edwards explains that by inquiring about a transgender person’s surgical plans or history “you are implying that the person is not the gender they feel they are unless they alter their genitals.” Chris generously (and candidly) shares his experience, so nobody ever has an excuse to talk inappropriately about a person’s bits (nobody includes you, Donald).

Quanta magazine asked Janna Levin how she wound up as both an astrophysicist and a writer, and she was like, C’mon, kids are everything at once! Pass this interview along to anyone who wants to boot the A from STEAM education.

And Europa Editions editor Michael Reynolds declares in a beautifully written essay about independent publishing that “Diversity is as necessary to the book industry as it is to any ecosystem.” Would it be weird if I asked him for a hug?